The enthusiastic women leaders of the Pattom prayer Group of the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Pattoor, initiated a missionary out reach work at Kazhakuttom under the leadership of Smt. Mariamma Chandy during the period 1968. The wellknown ‘Aleyamma sanyasini’ from Athyal family came to Kazhakuttom in 1972 and initiated the outreach work with support of the prayer Group of the Mar Thoma church Pattoor.

As a result of the constant visits of the sanyasini and other women leaders, a few members from other faith have come to the christian faith. Among them, Mr.R K Abraham and family were strong in their faith even during the times of trial and deep agony. This was a real encouragement and a challenge to other believers also. Eventually some more families got settled at kazhakuttom in connection with their employement and bussiness and thus the fellowship began to grow in the meantime a piece of land (45 cent) was purchased near Kazhakuttom railway station with the help of Mar Thoma community in Trivandrum and also from the believers of sanyasini’s home town. Later a small chappel was build there fore the worship of the fellowship group.

Gradually the fellowship was given the status of a congregation and a parish in May 1990 by the Episcopal Synod and appointed Rev. Ninan Oommen as the first vicar. The expansion of the railway line and the increased rail traffic forced the parish to search for another suitable place for worship. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Irenaeus the Diocesan Bishop was a great source of encouragement for this.

The dynamic leadership of Rev. Abraham Scariah and the sincere operation of the members worked together for the fulfillment of a long cherished the dream. The Malankara Catholic Church was gracious enough to give a piece of land (38.5 cent) and a church building for the worship and mission. The Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius dedicated the renovated church building 21st January 2001. The parish continues to worship there with a thankful heart for the wonder providence and guidance during the past year.